Sound Sculpture

Arko installs Chris Reddignton's ‘Song Song’ at CPIT

We were initially approached by sculptor Chris Reddington to provide a base pad for his competition winning earthquake memorial sound sculpture. Following a visit to the site we questioned the condition and look of the surrounding landscape and suggested a redesign. Upon funding approval from CPIT a concept was created.

The black polished concrete base for the sculpture that reflects the colour tones of the cortein steel was designed and poured onsite. The existing timber seats that were installed in 2003 were rotten. These were replaced with matching concrete cube seats, designed to be a subtle viewing point within the quad for the sculpture. A large plain concrete site pad was placed under each seat to provide a solid foundation. This prevents the seats from tilting over time due to the weight. A surrounding lawn mowstrip retains the lawn giving a crisp edge.

The overriding focus for this design was to make sure the sculpture is the main focus with quality surrounding products that will last.The focus was to create structures that will last the lifetime of the main polytechnic building.

Matching architectural concrete seats and lawn edging finish the courtyard with continuity. Built to last, this sculpture will be a reminder of the events in 2011 for many genratioens to come.