Northwater Drive

A welcoming and contemporary space

The brief was to create impact, highlighting the front door and creating a welcoming entry. Our client envisaged large gardens and formal hedge styling to contrast the hard surfaces of the concrete. Mixing the two creates a contemporary yet formal entry.

The outdoor living area utilises Natural Tone for the large paver look. The patio shape uses the garden and a wall to soften the appearance of the bbq when not in use. When the bbq area is in use, our design meant that the chef could still be part of conversation. The spa, on the other side of the patio, was strategically placed being close to the master bedroom door for convenient access and private use.

Simple use of Ultra Pave and hedge planting in the utility area creates a clean simple appearance. The aesthetic of the property remains elegant and contemporary through the minimal choice of materials. Concrete, plaster, aluminium and planting all combine to create a space.