Orange House

Mitre 10 Dream Home’s orange house

Our brief was to create an area that looked great and worked as an entertainment area but also create a sense of privacy. Our design included a privacy screen for the main patio, enhanced with the growth from an adjoining grisilinea hedge. This will be trimmed to match the fence height creating privacy for the entire rear section. Planting, such as liquidambar 'gum balls', was selected for the driveway edge. These will be pleached over time to create the floating hedge effect above the astelia silver spears below. The ligusrtum between the exposed aggregate concrete drive and entry path will be trimmed to a low hedge no higher than half the height of the letterbox.

White oxide was added to plain concrete and then texture rolled to create the main patio spaces. Our intention, to lighten the space giving the appearance of a larger area. This is further highlighted by the rectangle cutting pattern. Small decks were installed to the side patio to cover waste pipes coming out under the sliding door. This results in a strong link through to the floating patio on the opposite end of the house. A large Japanese maple has been selected to provide shade to the patio in summer and let light in throughout the winter months with the dropping of its leaves. Feijoas in feature pots line the boundary breaking up the grislinea hedge.

Pergolas, a climbing wall and the sand pit were part of the contestant's and architect's original visions so were adapted to our design. Exposed aggregate concrete stepping stones link the rear of the section through an eventual lush tropical style garden. The native pseudopanax varieties will grow to create a lower canopy with dense green underplanting. Colocasias will create a splash of black throughout the garden with the rear deck creating a retreat that appears to float over the garden. Provision has been made to the rear of the section for storage and wood sheds that are hidden from view when looking out from the bedrooms. Bark was chosen to cover the ground to suppress weeds while being sympathetic to the overall and more natural look of the garden spaces.