A unique welcome

Exposed aggregate walls were constructed to highlight the entrance to the new Silverstream subdivision in Kaiapoi. A park like setting was the theme, created with an open tree grove feel and rolling meadow lawns. Exposed aggregate walls slice through the mounding to create a face for signage. The black oxide in the mix creates a dark background highlighting the brushed steel. The dark walls create rolling silhouettes from a distance enhancing the drama and movement of the lawn highlighting the mounds. Deciduous Liquid ambar trees were selected for their classic grove tree shape and brilliant autumn colour.

The walls were formed onsite. Firstly, a plain site concrete pad was made to create a flat working surface to provide a secure foundation. Plywood forms were then constructed to the shape. Exposed aggregate walls were poured with a customised mix including commercial waterproofants and fibre mesh to prolong the life of the walls, preventing moisture penetrating the concrete and corroding the reinforcing. Doing this increases the life of the entry by 250-300 years H12 and D16 steel rods provide the reinforcing, ensuring they hold together.